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BRIT & AABP - Tours

BRIT offers a series of tours to the Andes-Amazon region of southeastern Peru, where the AABP team is carrying out field research projects. The scientists, students, and field assistants of the AABP will serve as guides as you observe and maybe even participate and interact in hands-on research in the diverse forests of the Amazonian lowlands and the Andean foothills and highlands.

Speciality tours are offered, these include birding trips to the region where the Andes meets the Amazon in southeastern Peru, or even orchid trips to cloud forests of the Andes.

Private tours to the Andes-Amazon region can be arranged with BRIT and AABP travel service consultants, Travel Services Everywhere of Fort Worth, Texas.

Please contact Cleve Lancaster (clancaster@brit.org) or Keri McNew (kmcnew@brit.org) for more information.

Check back with us for updates on future tour opportunities.