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Jason Wells

Jason D. Wells

Horticulture Project Manager
to Amazon Biodiversity Program

B.S., Agriculture, Kansas State University, May 1996

Jason Wells has been dedicated to the propagation and cultivation of plants for approximately 17 years, since about 1990, just after graduating from high school in Manhattan, Kansas. During his undergraduate training at Kansas State University during 1991-1996 he worked in greenhouses of the KSU Department of Agriculture, caring for ornamental plants as well as crop plants. He also gained experience working in botanical and ecological projects on the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, a NSF-funded long-term ecological research site outside of Manhattan, Kansas. After graduating with a B.S. in Agriculture from KSU in 1996, Jason worked for almost a decade in the wholesale production of plants in greenhouse and nursery settings. While working for the Lawyer Nursery in Olympia, Washington, during 1999-2004, Jason was responsible for the planting of about 20 million seeds per year of hundreds of species of trees and shrubs. An annual harvest of 7 million, 1 to 3 year old seedling trees were then shipped bareroot to hundreds of wholesale and retail nurseries in the United States, Canada and Mexicol

Jason became involved with the BRIT-AABP horticulture project in June 2005 and since then, while living and working in the field in Peru, he has managed the propagation and cultivation of more than 100 native ornamental plant species being investigated by the project. Jason works closely with John Janovec and Renan Valega to accomplish the objectives of the horticulture project. He participates with Janovec and the BRIT botany team on expeditions into the forests of Madre de Dios, where botanical and horticultural collections are made. And he then manages the propagation and cultivation of the plants that are collected for experimental trials in the nurseries and greenhouses of the project. Jason is currently completing descriptions of the many potential ornamental native plant species that he and the team have discovered and are studying in the departments of Madre de Dios and Cusco, Peru.


John Janovec, Jason D. Wells, Renan Valega, Daniel Lam, Amanda K. Neill, and Collaborators. Native Plant Species from the Peruvian Amazon and their Potential in Ornamental Horticulture: A Case Study in Madre de Dios, Peru.  


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