John Janovec, Mathias Tobler, Amanda Neill

Development Team

Developement Lead: Mathias Tobler, Jason Best
Programming: Anton Webber, Mathias Tobler, Sean Murphy
Front-end Development and Interface Design: Michael Gilbert, Jason Best
Database: Mathias Tobler, Anton Webber, Sean Murphy
Documentation: Lynn Totten
Imaging: Marissa Oppel, Tiana Franklin
Testers: Justin Allison, Tiana Franklin, Amanda Neill, Marissa Oppel, Keri McNew, Lynn Totten
BRIT Programs Manager: Keri McNew

  • For more information about BRIT Atrium, please visit the project web site.
  • For more information about the Andes to Amazon Biodiversity Program, please visit our web site.


Atrium™ was developed with generous support from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, the Beneficia Foundation, the Amazon Conservation Association and the WWF.

GIS tools provided with generous support from ESRI. Details...


We would like to thank the many people who contributed their time to various open-source projects as well as those who freely share advice and guidance for web development projects.