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Stevenson, Pablo R.;Castellanos, Maria Clara;Del, Pilar Medina Alicia
Tree communities in the floodplains of the Tinigua National Park, Colombia
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Parque Nacional del Manu ecology Flacourtiaceae Dicotyledones Angiospermae Spermatophyta Plantae Laetia corymbulosa Angiosperms Dicots Plants Spermatophytes Colombia floodplains habitat floristic composition inventories Guarea guidonia Cecropia membranacea Cecropiaceae Meliaceae Cocha Cashu trees Madre de Dios Bibliography
We analyzed the floristic composition of a 0.9 ha sample of the Rio Duda floodplain forest, Colombia. Plants ?10 cm diameter were included in the analysis. Two main communities were found in the area, one dominated by Guarea guidonia-Cecropia membranacea and the other one by Laetia corymbulosa. The establishment of these communities is correlated to the intensity of flooding in the different zones of the floodplain. Floristic comparisons show strong affinities with the forests at Rio Manu in southern Peru. The results support Gentry's hypothesis, that floristic affinities are determined by ecological similarities (such as soil fertility or rainfall) and not by other factors as geographical barriers or Pleistocene refugia.
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