Collection Details

Species: Utricularia sp. Jeh1377

Lentibulariaceae Utricularia sp. Jeh1377
J. E. Householder 1377

Collection Date: 15 May 2012
Determined By: unknown
Determination Date: unknown
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Brazil

Region: Amazonas

Closest Town: Barcelos

Locality Description: Igarape Mamule, feeding Rio Cuiuni from the south about 20 km west of Rio Negro.

DD Latitude: -0.8754

DD Longitude: -63.2574

Coordinate uncertainty: 1000 m

Elevation: 20-60 m


Habitat Description: Headwaters region of igarapé. Water black, acidic, ranging from fast-flowing along canal to almost stagnant in sheltered areas. Water deep to 2m during rainy season. Vegetation ranges from short forest (25m) dominated by Mauritia flexuosa to open ponds dominated by scattered aquatic macrophytes and M. flexuosa.

Soil Description: Variable depending on location in relation to canal. Largely clayey with some organic build up to tens of centemeters in areas. Often, Mauritia roots form the only visible substrate available, especially on natural levees.

Habitat: Aguajal Wetland

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Herb. Sumberged to 1.5m in black water. "moreru". Fertile.

Habit: Herb

Other Data

Research Site: Aguajal Mamule

Project: Aguajal Project