Representative Image
Representative image.

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Genus Parent: Orchidaceae Status: Invalid Reason: unverified

Morphological Description

Diagnosis: ##

Vegetative Morphology

Habit: Epiphytes with or without minute pseudobulbs.

Leaves: Leaves coriaceous, with foliaceous bracts subequal to or larger than the leaves, subtending the pseudobulbs.

Reproductive Morphology

Inflorescence: Inflorescences slender racemes or panicles, variously short to elongate-scapose, lateral from the axils of the foliaceous bracts.

Flowers: Flowers campanulate, small. Sepals and petals subsimilar, the lateral sepals free or fused at the base. Lip clawed, flabelliform, emarginate, apiculate, with a pair of keeled calli. Column short, erect; pollinia 2, on an elongate stipe.